Texas COVID-19 testing sites and care providers: 

An interactive map to aid the state's virus visibility

Hey there Texas, 

We are expanding the reach of our COVID-19 tracking map to all the major metro areas including:


- Houston

- Austin

- San Antonio

- Dallas/Ft. Worth

... and every county in between!


In light of the shaky reality we’re living in and the fragmented information available to the community, we've built a data-driven resource map that: 


Provides a comprehensive, state-wide display of health care providers: If you are experiencing symptoms, click on any of the providers below nearest your location to receive a doctor’s directive to visit a testing site (if applicable). 

Active testing site reporting: Our map app will track local testing sites that are currently online and those that will be in the coming weeks. See instructions and legend below. 

Provides a crowdsourcing tool that tracks/visualizes symptom reporting across the state: Texas residents are encouraged to submit the anonymous self-reporting form that helps track COVID-19 cases and, if they present symptoms, use the map app to find the closest healthcare provider who can screen for coronavirus and provide a referral to a testing site.


1. Begin by finding your location         (or zoom on the map) to either:
-      Find a local healthcare provider 
-      Locate a testing site if you’ve received a doctor’s order 

2. Select any facility to view related information such as website, contact info, and more.

3. Anonymously report if you are experiencing symptoms to help source our state's visibility on COVID-19’s possible spread (optional). We also update cases via dynamically-based information from Johns Hopkins and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

        The red dot represents county aggregated data for confirmed cases, deaths, recovery, and if there is community spread.

Using the map on mobile:


Click or tap on the map to begin.


COVID-19 Symptom Reporting in Texas   

Help our state fight COVID-19. Are you currently experiencing the core symptoms of the Coronavirus? We’d like to know. We’ll be aggregating this anonymous data to build out our map’s capability to track the virus in the coming weeks. Simply enter your email and zip code to help us build this picture. 

COVID-19 Symptom Reporting 

Help Texas fight COVID-19.

*We do not ask for your name to keep this information anonymous. 

Telemedicine Launch: Expanding our bandwidth to help the uninsured and mitigate the virus spread

In response to the number of Texans without insurance or a primary care physician to receive an order to get a COVID-19 test, Predictive is partnering with telemedicine providers to offer affordable monthly plans for individuals and families.


On another note, telemedicine is also a viable way to reduce the virus spread since symptomatic people receive their directive to test remotely instead of traveling to local care providers. 


We're currently in the process of building our provider partnerships and would love community feedback: If you'd be interested in an affordable telemedicine healthcare option, please let us know below!  

Telemedicine Info Registration
Predictive is currently surveying the need for telemedicine in the COVID-19 climate. Interested in the low-cost plans we're currently building with our partners? Let us know!

Thanks for your interest in our telemedicine launch! We'll contact you when our program's in place.


A Note from the Founders:


“This is only a starting point for presenting the data. It’s up to Texans to make this application useful. The more data it gathers, the more helpful the insights it can provide.”-  CEO and co-founder of Predictive Solutions Stewart Severino

“We’ve provided a mechanism for the state to monitor testing locations and track self-reported symptoms, which we hope will help gain a firm handle on the trending virus through data collection. We’re asking for widespread participation to help source that data.”- Predictive’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Theo Patestos