Delivering Expressed Consent to Contact for bad faith claims and personal injury.

Applying data science to law firms

Predictive identifies data markers in weather, assets, and behavior to deliver clients before they get exposed to costly paid media channels and before they have a chance to search out legal services.


Predictive's formula for weather events delivers exact hail sizes, affected properties, and the owner. Predictive does the same for flood and tornado events.


Unfortunate incidents occur daily. Reaching those that have been directly affected is difficult through paid media because you have to cast a net and wait for them to come to you.

Predictive finds the victims that need your help, whether cancer, injury, or malpractice.

NURTURE & vetting

This is not lead generation. This is Customer Selection. Data science supported by customer nurturing, using signals and ranking to target potential customers before they end up in diluted pools of lead distribution.

The human touch ensures your criteria is met before booking an appointment.