COVID-19 Tracking App Expands to all Texas Counties

As the uncertainty and trepidation surrounding COVID-19 grew in the Houston community, the founders of a local MarTech company put their servant foot forward and sought for a way to bring data science to the table to add some visibility to the virus spread.

The Predictive Solutions team cranked out an interactive map that listed all healthcare providers that could provide an initial testing directive, up-to-date online testing centers, and even a self reporting feature where Houstonians- and now all Texans- submit if they're experiencing symptoms of the virus or have tested positive (these reports are visualized in a heat map format).

After experiencing traction, and in hopes of only receiving additional support from public health efforts, Predictive has now rolled out the web application for Texas. The map also now includes dynamic case updates by county from John Hopkins and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Read more about the COVID-19 tracking app below in the press release:


Predictive Solutions expands COVID-19 tracking app to all Texas counties

Houston startup maps real-time data on statewide COVID-19 testing sites, healthcare providers & reported cases

Houston, TX, April 1, 2020 — Houston-based startup Predictive Solutions has expanded its web app to service the entire state of Texas (including major metro areas Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio), providing reliable, up-to-date information about COVID-19 testing sites and possible community spread. The application lets users search for the nearest coronavirus testing location as well as provides a form to anonymously self-report symptoms to help monitor where the virus is trending.

Predictive’s founders hope their app provides needed support for public health efforts, especially as more pop-up testing sites open across the state. But in order to fill that role, they’re turning to the public for help. CEO and co-founder of Predictive Solutions Stewart Severino comments, “This is only a starting point for presenting the data. It’s up to Texans to make this application useful. The more data it gathers, the more helpful the insights it can provide.”

The app, which dynamically updates based on information from Johns Hopkins and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was originally released on March 19 for Harris County residents only but will now be available to all Texans and statewide municipal leaders on both desktop and mobile. Since its initial release in Houston 13 days ago, the web app has been visited by more than 30,000 users, which equals approx. 2,300 users per day or 95 per hour. The company is currently working to roll out a Spanish language version of the app to connect Spanish-speaking Texans to this valuable resource.

Predictive’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Theo Patestos says, “We’ve provided a mechanism for the state to monitor testing locations and track self-reported symptoms, which we hope will help gain a firm handle on the trending virus through data collection. We’re asking for widespread participation to help source that data.”

Texas residents are encouraged to submit the anonymous self-reporting form that helps track COVID-19 cases and, if they present symptoms, use the map app to find the closest healthcare provider who can screen for coronavirus and provide a referral to a testing site. For users who need to see a doctor but do not have health insurance, the company is in the process of partnering with healthcare coverage carriers to offer affordable telemedicine plans.

About Predictive Solutions Predictive Solutions, a portfolio company of H Town Incubator, is a martech company that uses data science to help small businesses move beyond the limitations of paid media platforms. Founded in 2019, Predictive prides itself on taking the guesswork out of inbound and outbound marketing.

About H Town Incubator H Town Incubator is a Houston startup accelerator and office space that provides unique services to its portfolio companies such as: founder journey programs; legal counsel for matters related to business, finance, contracts, intellectual property and more; affordable insurance geared toward entrepreneurs; business development support and C-suite growth coaching; marketing support including strategy and deliverables; and flexible office space ranging from free desks and low-cost cubicles to corner offices.

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