Whole sale, Realtors, Investors

Leverage the power of data science

Data science serves wholesalers, investors, and realtors

Predictive identifies signals in personal behavior & assets and categorizes them based on a rank that makes them attractive to a wholesaler, investor, and realtors.


newest data

Predictive is focused on data integrity. We keep our records up-to-date and accurate through proprietary sources, ensuring data-quality and a high accuracy rate.

High-value targets

If they are a player in the real estate market, we will find them.

Owners or heirs of distressed properties.

Owners who are motivated to sell.

Owners who want to refinance.

Owners who are active real estate investors.

NURTURE & vetting

This is not lead generation. This is Customer Selection. Data science supported by customer nurturing, using signals and ranking to target potential customers before they end up in diluted pools of lead distribution.