Storm data and contact info under one roof

Commercial and Residential

Storm data plus property owner contact info

No complicated software.

No need for multiple systems. 

No tiers or extra charges.

3   easy   steps


Weather event hits commercial and residential properties.


Our system complies a list of confirmed properties impacted by hail or other weather events.


Property owners and their personal contact information are matched.

Save time on research and money on expensive software

No more costly paid media.

No more expensive Google or Facebook campaigns and agency fees.

No more getting data from different sources that are costly. Saving thousands of dollars per year.

Schedule a demo.


Not just hail swath data.

We use precise diameter. We target properties based on the hail size you want.

Use it to also coordinate your door-knocking effort. Only knock on doors that got impacted.

affected property

Stop guessing with Google Satellite and expensive Commercial Real Estate software. We deliver EXACT properties that were impacted, reducing your time and effort.


We get right to the property owner. No gatekeepers. 

No going to different sources for contact info.

Optimize operations

If you are using door knockers, direct them exactly where to go, saving time and money.

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