Still guessing where your weather impacted clients are?

Point your marketing efforts to exclusively target hail-impacted property owners.

Ideal for:

Public Adjusters, Insurance Attorneys, Roofers, and Contractors.

How it works

Currently you're spending ad dollars based on zip codes (GEO targeting), recent storms in those zip codes, historical storms, keywords, and maybe some demographic data.

What if you were given a list of the exact property owners that were impacted by hail?

You or your agency can serve ads to the impacted properties. Trimming the fat by not serving ads to unaffected properties. Your targeting will be laser focused, reducing your ad spend.

You also get to define the property and weather criteria.

As an example: 


Get hail size diameter greater than 1.75"

commercial property-icon.png

Get commercial properties and select your asset type, value & size


Use the property owner addresses instead of zip codes


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Anna S, Attorney

Finding bad faith claim leads were a shot in the dark with Google & Facebook. Money spent guessing who to target. With Predictive I got to target property owners that were impacted, and I got to pick my property criteria so Google & Facebook could do their job effectively. 


Emmy, Public Adjuster

I use hail software for my hail claim leads. The reports are limited and the software is cumbersome. I just want my list of impacted properties and supporting data to do my job. Looking for simple usage. Not extravagant hail maps.

Image by Ali Morshedlou

Sal, Attorney

My Firm does whatever our ad agency recommends. They are the experts but when I saw that we can target the exact properties hit by hail and wind, I signed up Predictive to feed my agency the data. Smart play.

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Want us to make phone calls and book inspections?

We do that to.